The Dancing Scarecrow of Urchfont

Released April 22, 2020 Mixdown with keyboards by mr.sportivo and some samples laid on by Total Science for a remix competition hosted by metapop.

a track in the public domain but not to be used to profit from. rights belong to metapop and total science / warp records.


the story of the dancing scarecrow of urchfont

The Dancing Scarecrow of Urchfont was happy to spend 362 days a year in Isolation, out in a field or left in the corner of a lonely barn but he was most upset to have his only social event of the year cancelled, this years Urchfont Scarecrow Festival.
Enraged he took to the ancient hills that surround the Pewsey Vale. He danced and cast spells that would bring an end to the wicked plague that had caused the cancellation of so many local events once destined to keep the world together and smiling happily.
Over thousands of years his fore fathers had fought off many plagues throughout the land and handed down the spells and dances from generation to generation.
The Dancing Scarecrow of Urchfont cast magic seeds whilst dancing the greatest dance of his life, all for mankind’s health and well-being. He sent his forceful and mighty spells across The Pewsey Vale and Marlborough Downs, to rid the lands of the plague, to bring luck to the farmers and all humans still selflessly toiling to ensure the health of others.
That night, greatly fatigued, The Dancing Scarecrow of Urchfont returned to his own field for rest before rising with the sun and setting off around the world to continue his task.
If you are lucky you may see him through your window, anywhere, anytime, in fields, in parks, in the street, anywhere he can do good. Unlike you, he himself can not be infected nor can he spread the virus, so stay at home in safety and let The Dancing Scarecrow of Urchfont get on with his work along with the worlds brave keyworker humans.
Director/Camera, MandyGirl. shot on huawei honor
Video production, mr.sportivo entirely on samsung s7.
Soundtrack. mr.sportivo Ableton10. win8 4gb 2.16ghz 11″ Laptop. Novation launchkey mini. Sony MDR V55 headphones.